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Afterschool Program: Children K-6th
The Afterschool Program's Student Council 
Started approximately 25  years ago, our council offers children an opportunity to be a part of an organizational group entrusted with making smart 
decisions that reflect the consensus of the student population while providing them with opportunities to help their community. 
The Afterschool Program's Day Care News21 in House Video News Program
Celebrating the completion of it's 7th year in production. The Afterschool Program's 
Day Care News21 members are seen here filming a segment for one of their special Halloween
episodes for their monthly news program..
Creating with Caly
Twice a year, students are given the opportunity to try creating on a pottery wheel with the help of their teacher who is a local ceramic artist and instructor.
Fishing Adventures
Summer fun finds us relaxing and learning to fish at the local park. Children learn how to catch and release the fish with help from their teachers and classmates.
Creative Cooking
A favorite activity of ours is experimenting with cooking and creating yummy treats. Here our young chef is creating a fruit smoothie for a fun snack. 
After completing a science experiment with lemons, students wanted to try and grow a lemon tree from the seeds. We learned it can take up to 5 years for our tree to bear fruit but think it will be worth the wait. Our Lemon trees are about 6" tall so far.
Engineering Challenge
Learning through play is a key component of our curriculum. This challenge may seem like just marshmallows and toothpicks, but it is so much more.
Reading to "Rexy" our rabbit.
Reading and writing are part of our day-to-day experiences, here our young friend reads his book to our classroom bunny.
Science exploration
Students are encouraged to explore their environment through scientific inquiry. These classmates are preparing to mix solutions in the test tubes.
Preschool Program: Children 3-Pre K
Fall: Our Preschool children have fun exploring pumpkins and apple tasting.

Children were given samples of different apples during their apple tasting experiment. They would then decide if they like the apple or not and a staff member would help them chart the answers.

They use tape measures and rulers to learn about size as well as different forms of measurement.

Zumba time with Ms. Kara