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The Afterschool Program's Student Council 
8 Started approximately 18 years ago, our council offers children an opportunity to be a part of an organizational group entrusted with making smart 
decisions that reflect the consensus of the student population while providing them with opportunities to help their community. 
The Afterschool Program's Day Care News21 in House Video News Program
Celebrating the completion of it's third year in production. The Afterschool Program's 
Day Care News21 members are seen here filming an anchor segment for one of their 
monthly shows.
What happens when puppies come to visit? You get a puppy pile!
A few members of our Board of Directors with the Student Council Chairman
    The Afterschool Program has a Student Council in which children grades K-6 can work together to improve not only their program but also their community. They have sponsored food drives to support the New Canaan Food Bank and are currently holding a gently used toy collection in an effort to help the children in the Stamford Women's shelter. The Student Council worked with the Vine Cottage and helped provide holiday cards for residents at the New Canaan Inn. This program is a wonderful way for the children to learn about giving back to their community and how it's important to do so.
Summer Fun

Summer Fun 

Outdoor fun
Fall: Our Preschool children have fun exploring pumpkins and apple tasting.

Children were given samples of different apples during their apple tasting experiment. They would then decide if they like the apple or not and a staff member would help them chart the answers.

They use tape measures and rulers to learn about size as well as different forms of measurement.

Zumba time with Ms. Kara


During the summer the school age children go to our local Kiwanis Park twice a week for swimming. Not only do we have our own staff that supervise the children, we have a designated life guard as well. For our students who haven't quite mastered swimming, we have them wear special shirts making them easily identifiable to the life guards and teachers.

Visiting the Leir Retreat Center

Having fun at the Leir Retreat Center!

Outdoor adventures at the Leir foundation.

Students in the School-Age Program display the large tiger mural they are working on for the Annual Art Show.
After the children completed the black and white detail they cut it into pieces and passed it out for everyone to help color. The pieces were reassembled to complete the process. The end result was simply beautiful!
Giant Giraffe Created by School Age Children
Our School Age program built this 9 1/2' tall Giraffe using wood, chicken wire, paper, glue, paint and various recycled materials.
Plant Sale Helper
One of our many helpers at the Annual Plant/ Craft and Pottery Sale this year!